Safe Boating and Personal Watercraft

Approved by the Connecticut DEEP and NASBLA and recognized by the USCG, this course meets the requirement to receive a state Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation (boating license). The license allows individuals to operate all recreational motorboats up to 64.5 feet, including personal watercraft (Jet Ski) vessels, and all registered sailboats. In addition, the Safe Waterskiing Endorsement is included in the curriculu, which allows licensed individuals to drive vessels pulling persons who are waterskiing, tubing, etc., for recreational purposes.

The instructor provides the technology in the classroom to allow students who pass the 60-question final exam to purchase and print their boating license (CPWO) from the Connecticut DEEP (separate $50 one-time fee to the state MasterCard and VISA accepted). The Connecticut boating license never expires and is valid in every U.S. state.

Upcoming Courses

CRN: 1449 | Fee: $89 | 3/21 | Saturday | 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m. Snow 509 | Instructor: Vining