Brendan Plake


Brendan Plake is a broadcast-cinema graduate from Middletown. After high school, he wasn’t completely sure what he wanted to do or if college was even the right choice for him. He went to MxCC and majored in multimedia since he liked computers and technology. But after one semester, Brendan decided to focus on playing music and finding out what he was truly passionate about.
After six years of playing music and working at various jobs such as Apple and Gamestop, Brendan developed a new passion: film. He always enjoyed making videos with his DSLR for fun, but he had no idea he would eventually become so passionate about digital cinematography. He knew he would need a degree and a lot of hands-on experience to help him get a career in film. When he found out the College was revamping their programs, he wanted to take advantage of the brand new courses and technology and decided to return to MxCC.

Returning to MxCC during this exciting time has proven to be the right decision for Brendan. One of Brendan’s main goals is to start working in the field right away. He would love to shoot commercials or work on a set for television or movies. His big dream is to eventually work on a big budget film. He believes that MxCC supported his goal by providing high quality instruction and offering the cutting-edge technology that he is likely to experience in his career.

Brendan currently owns a production company, Limbs & Branches. He volunteers most of his free time at church, where he plays leads the music team and produces videos. He also enjoys playing video games and  spending time with his wife and kids. Brendan transferred to a four-year school to pursue a communications degree.