Caleb Prue


Caleb Prue is a graduate of the Fine Art and Multimedia programs. During his time at MxCC, he interned at Goodwin College and was offered a full-time position before graduating.

Where are you living now?
Currently, I live in Colchester, CT with my wife Jennifer, our two kids, and our cat.

What was your major?
I graduated with a degree in Fine Art in 2008, and then returned for Multimedia in 2009.

Where do you work?
I work full-time at Goodwin College, and maintain a handful of entrepreneurial projects.

What is your job title and duties?
I work as Creative Manager at Goodwin College, where I lead the Design Team as part of the Marketing and Communications Department. We are responsible for brainstorming and producing all the marketing and promotional materials for the college, including student recruitment and fundraising. My team handles all print and digital work, from emails, online ads, and the organization’s website, to publications and direct mail campaigns.

I also pick up occasional freelance projects, for which I maintain an online portfolio at:

What originally brought you to MxCC?
I came to MxCC looking to find a way to turn my interests in media, art, and creativity into a career. I had always been interested in drawing and making things, and didn’t realize that there were so many opportunities to make a living doing it.

Did you do an internship at MxCC?
My internship brought me to what was then the tiny Communications Department at Goodwin College, where my skills from MxCC quickly made me a valuable team member and I was soon offered a full-time position.

How did MxCC prepare you for the workforce?
The curriculum at MxCC prepared me for the workforce by teaching not only the hands-on technical aspects of graphic design and multimedia production, but also how to present and talk about the work I was doing. The projects I completed during my time at MxCC helped build out my portfolio, and the assignments prepared me for the variety of projects I would later encounter.

What was your favorite thing about MxCC?
 faculty was absolutely the best part of my time at MxCC. With few exceptions, they taught with an enthusiasm and passion that connected with and fed my own. I picked up a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in my time at MxCC that has profoundly affected my life in a positive way.