Chris Dearstyne

Chris, a Broadcast-Cinema major from Avon, originally came to MxCC because of a recommendation from a friend. After he took a tour of the school, he realized that MxCC would provide him a tremendous opportunity to reach his career goals.

Chris originally came to MxCC to learn more about broadcasting and the production side of a news broadcast.  However, Chris has found that he has a passion for video editing. He is currently taking COM*264 Advanced Editing Workshop this semester and has been loving the hands-on experiences of editing video, both film and television.

Chris plans on securing an internship at a broadcasting company during the summer.  When Chris graduates from MxCC, he plans to transfer to the University of Central Florida as well as do an internship at the Disney College Program since he is a big Disney fan. He is still deciding whether to be an editor for film, television, or any other form of video, but he certainly has time to explore his options.

Chris’ Work

Mr. Mandel and His Mannequin
PSA: Video Games Violence Influencing Real Violence Towards Children

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