Laura Krueger ’89

Laura Krueger graduated from Middlesex Community College with a degree in Broadcast-Communications in 1989. Over the course of her career, she has has held many different types of jobs, but the things she learned at MxCC have helped her every step of the way.

Where do you work?
The Salvation Army

What is your job title and duties?
I am the Director of Public Relations and Marketing, Southern New England Division. I’m responsible for all media, public and community relations efforts, and special events. I also provide support to the Division in all matters related to public relations and marketing, maintaining cooperative relationships between The Salvation Army and representatives from print, broadcast, and social media. I also oversee the divisional website, social media, community engagement initiatives, and organizational branding.

What originally brought you to MxCC?
I had danced since the age of 5. I wanted to become a professional dancer or teacher and was looking into employment opportunities and college programs in Hartford and New York. Discouraged at the reality of finding a path in the industry, I decided to look at other options in the entertainment world and came across the Broadcast Communications degree at MxCC.

Did you do an internship at MxCC?
I interned as a tutor in the Broadcast Communications Department, and also interned at WTNH News 8.

How did MxCC prepare you for the workforce?
I am continuously surprised at the ways in which MxCC has given me the tools needed to span the course of multiple careers. As a dance studio owner for 21 years, the broadcast training helped me put together the technical side of dance recitals. Everything from sound, lighting, video, and rigging, to directing, technical cues, and show production. I had all of these things in mind during the course of the year as I choreographed routines.

This experience carried me into putting together events and marketing at Westfield Shoppingtown in Meriden. As performing groups came in, I could speak the lingo of the equipment needed and if the sound system needed phono jacks, or 3-pin XLRs. I was able to work with radio and television stations for commercial advertising, news pieces, telethons, and radio-thons.

As a Production Manager for cable, I knew the ins and outs of putting together television commercials and programs – even creating and teaching a television production course for public access users, using one of my favorite books at MxCC. Having learned all the positions of broadcast news, I could easily jump from floor director, to camera operator, to teleprompter while working at FOX 61.

One of the things I enjoyed most at MxCC was disc-jockeying at the radio station. I continued this for Silver City Sound and Video for oldies cruises, weddings, car shows, and events, and was a videographer for these and corporate productions as well. Having worked with the media, I was asked to manage national advertising and media for Cecchetti USA, a national classical ballet organization.

All of this experience has prepared me for my work with The Salvation Army. I have a connection to television and radio technicians, reporters, and anchors. I know what they need on their end to make their news pieces come together because I have been there. It is that unique experience, learned at MxCC, that has made me marketable to one of the largest charitable organizations around – and I owe it all to my wonderful college experience.

What was your favorite thing about MxCC?
My favorite thing was the comfortable atmosphere. If I had a question, I was never afraid to ask. I felt welcomed and valued. I was given the skill set and the confidence by extraordinary professors and made some great friendships.