Lindsay Grote

Lindsay originally began her educational journey in the Digital Arts & Multimedia Program at Middlesex Community College in 2012. She was an active student on campus and served as the president of Phi Theta Kappa Beta Gamma Xi Honor Society. Lindsay was also chosen as the recipient of the 2014 MxCC Annual Award for Academic Excellence in Digital Arts & Multimedia. After graduating with high marks in 2014, she continued her educational career and transferred to Central Connecticut State University. Lindsay focused her major in Informational & Graphic Design. It was during this time that Lindsay applied to the Disney College Program and was chosen to be a part of the Spring Advantage 2015 Program. The Disney College Program (DCP) is highly competitive. About 50,000 college students apply each application-season for 12,000 positions. Her excellent record from MxCC was a huge contributor in getting in. They take in consideration your college GPA, and volunteer contributions in your community as a part of the determination process. They also want to see how you may bring some “Magic” into their program. While attending the DCP, Lindsay took accredited courses on “Creativity & Innovation” and “Marketing & You”, in addition to a seminar, “Disney Heritage.” Lindsay learned in-depth knowledge of the Walt Disney Company and how to market herself to future employers. A lot of teamwork, effort, and magic went into every day for seven months. It was a rewarding experience. One of which she will have the honor of repeating again this coming summer, Fall Advantage 2017 Program, and this time she will be representing Middlesex Community College.

Lindsay received her Bachelor’s from CCSU with a desire to further her talents in the arts. Rather than having an Art minor at CCSU, Lindsay chose to get another Associate’s degree in Fine Arts, and has chosen to return to Middlesex Community College. She feels Middlesex has a positive atmosphere and a supportive community. The professors at MxCC encourage lifelong learning, and want their students to not only achieve academically, but strive to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.

The courses Lindsay took at Middlesex are Hand Building Ceramics, Drawing II, Oil Painting II, Motion Graphics & Effects, and a Graphic Design Internship. She decided to take Motion Graphics & Effects because while she was going interviews for the internship, the employers stressed the importance of Adobe After Effects. She only had experience in Adobe Flash, but realized that employers are looking for designers who have skills in more advanced media software. She knew these classes were available at Middlesex and would be more affordable than CCSU. Lindsay was honored for MxCC’s Annual Award for Excellence in Fine Arts. It is an amazing accomplishment to return to the same school and receive this type of award for the second time for a different curriculum!

Lindsay’s ultimate goal is to be a Disney animator, and Disney has proven that it is not too out of reach. Walt Disney Animation Studios looks for people who have a fine art background. Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it!” And she plans on doing just that. Lindsay works part-time at Whelen Engineering, and is a volunteer firefighter for the town of Deep River.

Check out Lindsay’s portfolio here