Olivia Lank ’13

Olivia Lank ’13, a recent graduate of the broadcast-cinema program, has found much success since graduating. Olivia was an excellent student at MxCC. During her last semester at MxCC, Olivia was the recipient of the Academic Award for Broadcast-Cinema.

Since graduating in 2013, Olivia has landed her first job as an assignment editor at WFSB Channel 3. In fact, she interned at WFSB during her last semester here.



Where are you living now?
I am living in Southington.

Where do you work?
I work at WFSB Channel 3.

What is your job title and duties?
My job title is an assignment editor. I generate news story ideas, gather information about the stories that the reporters are doing, and I respond to incoming calls and information from the public about stories happening in our state. I also have to call various places such as police stations, fire departments, and schools to confirm information about possible stories that come through our newsroom. I also work with the reporters and help them schedule interviews and confirm their stories.

What originally brought you to MxCC?
Honestly, my parents were the ones that made me look at MxCC. I originally wanted to go to school out of state, but my parents wanted me to save money. MxCC had the program that I wanted and it helped me save a lot of money.

Did you do an internship at MxCC?
During the Spring of 2013, I did an internship in the newsroom at WFSB.

How did MxCC prepare you for your job now?
MxCC prepared me for my job by teaching me about every aspect of broadcast journalism. When I started my internship, I was already very prepared because I knew so much about the career already. MxCC also helped me by having teachers who were in the field. Patience Hettrick was my broadcast journalism professor and I have stayed in touch with her since I graduated. The other professors were also in the field of broadcast journalism, which made it easier to learn and much more fun to learn because they had experienced what they were teaching us.

What was your favorite thing about MxCC?
My favorite thing about MxCC was how much fun it was. I couldn’t wait to go to school everyday because of the teachers and students. We used to have so much fun in the classes and I think that really helps the learning aspect. When you are having fun in the classroom you retain and learn so much more.