Shavandalice Davis

Born and raised in Connecticut, Shavandalice enrolled at Middlesex specifically for the Broadcast-Cinema program. The program at Middlesex has a reputation for excellent technical and hands-on broadcast training with knowledgeable staff and cutting-edge equipment.

Being away from school for ten years, Shavandalice initially had trouble integrating and adapting to an educational environment. However, with the help of her advisors, she found success in the program. In 2012, Shavandalice was the recipient of the Broadcasters Association Awards Scholarship, so she can attend college full time and put her on the fast track to reaching her career goals.

shavandalice filmingShe believed all the classes she took helped her tremendously with all aspects of her career. Her favorite classes were Television Production, Performance for Film and Television,  Careers in Media, and Audio Production. She also enjoyed Managerial Communication and Public Speaking.

Shavandalice believes Middlesex prepared her for the reality of a media career. She is passionate about pop culture and communications and hopes to work in the broadcast industry as a producer or director.