Steve Mazzetta

Steve Mazzetta is a Multimedia grad from New Britain.  After high school, Steve wasn’t sure what we wanted to do so he took some time off from school, and it turned into almost nine years.  When he made the decision to get serious about going back to school, he knew he wanted to do something related to art.  After looking at local colleges, Steve stumbled upon the Multimedia program at MxCC.

When he first enrolled at MxCC, Steve thought about attending for fine arts, since that has always been a passion of his. In the years between high school and MxCC, he continued to draw and paint in his free time, just for fun. He felt like he had a fairly strong background already in traditional art mediums, but just didn’t know much about the digital end of things and that was what he really wanted to learn. Quote by Steve

MxCC opened Steve’s eyes to a world of possibilities. His original desire was to learn animation and video editing, but in the end he found that he was more drawn to graphic design: posters, banners, books, anything visual. He even found that he enjoyed web design, which was something that completely took him by surprise.

Since attending MxCC, Steve has learned a lot about himself such as how he works and what keeps him inspired. Steve believes that the strength of the Multimedia program is that it allows students to sample so many things such as audio production, video production, graphic design, web design, and more. Steve was the recipient of the Academic Award for Digital Arts/Multimedia. He thinks that having a degree from MxCC has made him well rounded and confident in his skill set and that he is equipped to handle a multitude of design problems and situations.

Currently, Steve does occasional freelance work. In the past, he did an internship working with Professor Rick Ericksen on various projects that included the creation of graphics and signage for events at the school, as well as creating graphics and animations for MxCC Presents, the College’s television program that airs on Comcast Public Access. This semester,

After graduation, Steve hopes to have a successful career in graphic design and he would love to start his own design business someday.

Steve’s Work

Lead In for 2012 Middlesex Arts and Media Festival
Personal Portfolio
“Client” Web Work