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ART*116, 3 Credits,
 Perspective Drawing
 The system of linear perspective as a method of producing a two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional world. Problems in one, two, and three- point perspective with some use of projection methods.

ART*121, 3 Credits, Two-Dimensional Design Background in the fundamentals of art through an examination of the basic elements and principles of design. Exercises in composition using paper, ink, and paint. The second half of the semester consists of the study of color and includes problems dealing withp hysical and relative properties.

ART*147, 3 credits, Digital Cinematography An introduction to photographic principles as they apply to movies and video. This course will use both digital still and video cameras and cover topics such as, composition, depth-of-field, lenses, focal length, exposure, focus, filters, camera angles, camera operation, camera movement, visual effects, and principles of lighting and color; as well as the roles of the Director of Photography and other camera & lighting crew on a production.  This is a hands-on course with students completing a series of practical exercises and production assignments.

ART*250, 3 Credits,
 Digital Photography
 An introduction to digital photography including hardware and software, camera handling and creative controls, file formats and management, image editing, manipulation and output options using Adobe Photoshop. Through demonstrations and assignments, a survey of imagery and a final portfolio, students will be introduced to the basic vocabulary, concepts, tools, and expressive possibilities of digital photography. Students must own a 3 megapixel (or greater) digital camera with manual, aperture priority and/or shutter priority exposure modes, There will be some additional expenses. Basic computer and photographic experience preferred.

GRA*150, 3 Credits,
 Introduction to Graphic Design
 An introduction to graphic design, a creative process that uses art, technology, and the written word to produce effective visual communication. Creativity is encouraged through hands- on exercises using fundamental design elements and skills to solve thought- provoking communications problems. Various techniques and mediums, including the computer, are explored in the execution of solutions. Prerequisite: ART*121 and DGA*110. Recommended: ART*111.

GRA*246, 3 Credits,
 Digital Pre-Press I 
An introduction to the principles of color separation and preparation of files for digital output to various media. Includes an understanding of color models, fonts, trapping, scanning, resolution, and data formats.

GRA*251, 3 Credits,
 Advanced Graphic Design
 Real world execution of visual communications including discussions and exercises in the use of typography, the use of a layout grid, the commissioning of illustration/ photography, print production, and the business side of graphic design. Computer skills are emphasized in the solving of visual communications problems typical of today’s graphic design industry. Prerequisite: GRA*150 and DGA*231. Recommended: DGA*120 or DGA*223.