Arts and Media 2020

Welcome to this year’s socially distant Arts and Media Online Fest! Where we showcase the best projects from the arts and media programs. This site includes some of the best work from our student body that they’ve created throughout the school year chosen by the faculty.

Watch the 16th Annual Socially Distant Arts and Media Online Fest

“2020 Zoomageddon”


Below is a live Zoom recording of this year’s festival which includes the films and videos from our top students of this past year!




Allie Buckley

‘What the Buck’ Podcast – Hang out with Allie & friends, on her lively podcast! (Explicit)
Episode: Anthony   |   Episode: Chloe   |   Episode: Mike



Hannah St. Jean

Rad Couch Website – Hanna’s blog about movies, tv and animation.

Check out Rad Couch site
Purchase Rad Couch Merch here


Louie Rotar

‘Jotaro’ Audio Album – Electric sound beats and fresh rap lyrics fused in a unique style that makes for a memorable listen! (Explicit)

The Juice  |  Mahomie  |  Little Green ft. Young Guwopo III  |  Karl Malone  |  Jotaro  |  Ho-oh ft. Tonto  |  Escobar ft. Tonto  |  Cherry  |  Cassius


Want to check out some student videos?
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The following students are participating on this virtual gallery:

  • Nicole Charest
  • Alexis Digiacomo
  • Heather Gentile
  • Annalise Gormley
  • Jamie Matos
  • Max Monroe
  • Shayla Patterson
  • Richard Vega
  • Ivana Yang




The following students are participating on this virtual gallery:

  • Garrett Allain
  • Josh Daley
  • Julie Galemba
  • Annalise Gormley
  • Joe Guglietti
  • Ansel Hernandez
  • Shane Hewitt
  • Lynn Kentoffio
  • Jordan Montolio
  • Shayla Patterson
  • Seamus Reilly
  • Carmen Rosa
  • Ayal Rosen
  • Louie Rotar
  • Kevin Thom
  • Ivana Yang