Audio & Music Productions


Musical Arrangements and Compositions from the Audio & Music Production Classes

All songs were written, produced, performed, recorded and mixed by our students!

Sarah Olson
Ryan Bellinger
Ryan Bellinger My Rap
Noah Marks
Noah Marks Liftoff
GB Song
Noah Marks
Noah Marks GB Song
Nuke The Cross
Kurt Scameheorn
Kurt Scameheorn Nuke The Cross
Vacation Freestyle
Joseph Scott
Joseph Scott Vacation Freestyle
John Leavenworth
John Leavenworth Jazzbird
The Crazy Ones
John Morley
John Morley The Crazy Ones
A Good Day
John Morley
John Morley A Good Day
Layla’s Day
David Hurlburt
David Hurlburt Layla's Day
To The Moon 1
Evan Mendela
Evan Mendela To The Moon 1
David Hurlburt
David Hurlburt Ghost
Blue Day Haze
Clancy John
Clancy John Blue Day Haze
All My Life
Clancy John
Clancy John All My Life
Christi Colello
Christi Colello Reflections
We Will Rise Again
Caleb Hester
Caleb Hester We Will Rise Again