Through a partnership between Connecticut Public (the parent company of Connecticut Public Television and Connecticut Public Radio WNPR) and the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities (CSCU) system and funded through the generosity of Nick and Anita Donofrio, this program will provide opportunities for students interested in careers in media and/or communications to receive a scholarship or educational stipend to support the cost of their degree program to attend a Connecticut community college. Scholarship or stipend awards may be used for tuition, fees, books, transportation, child care or equipment.

In addition, the program designates a CT Public internship for a student at a CSCU community college to supplement their academic experience with a paid internship to provide real-life-based experience in a public media organization. The internship assignment will be at Connecticut Public corporate offices in Hartford or at the Gateway Community College location in New Haven. There is a separate internship application process managed by Connecticut Public and available to students in the community college system. Donofrio Scholarship applicants and awardee(s) are encouraged to apply.

SCHOLARSHIP Award: Up to $4,000 annually for one or more scholarships.

EDUCATIONAL STIPEND: Up to $2,000 annually for one or more stipends.

Scholarship/Stipend Criteria for Eligibility

  1. Resident of Connecticut
  2. Open to second year, full-time CSCU community college students who are studying in the fields of communications, journalism, broadcasting, television production, digital arts, digital media production, or marketing.
  3. Part-time students are eligible if the scholarship increases the number of credits that can be taken allowing student to accelerate their associate degree program.
  4. Student must have a minimum 3.0 GPA (A = 4.0)
  5. Student must demonstrate financial need and state on the application how the scholarship or stipend would be used to cover the cost of education or education related expenses.
  6. The college will confirm both the applicant’s financial need through review of the FAFSA and their GPA through review of their transcript before final selection by the CSCU Foundation.


  1. All application materials are due by email by September 17, 2018.

 Return to:    Terri Raimondi
                          CSCU Foundation
                          Subject line: CSCU scholarship application

  1. All materials must be received before the application can be reviewed.
    Scholarship winners will be selected by the CSCU Foundation Board and named by Sept. 28, 2018

   3. DOWNLOAD FORM HERE: Donofrio Public Media Scholarship