Multimedia Certificate

game controllerThis program prepares students for careers in the field of interactive multimedia used in business, marketing, education, entertainment and the World Wide Web. Students learn interactive multimedia, authoring and production including graphics, audio, video and animation.

Graduates leave with a portfolio of work and experience that prepare them for careers as multimedia producers, web designers, project managers or media production specialists. COM*287 Advanced Media Production and COM*295 Internship act as capstone courses providing students with portfolio work and on-site work experiences in preparation for employment.

Upon graduation, students will receive an Associate’s degree in Digital Media Production and an occupational certificate in Multimedia attesting to their specialized knowledge and skills in this area.

greenpixel Degree Requirements

The Digital Media Production A.S. degree program requires 61 credits, including program requirements, electives and general education courses. In their first year students learn the foundations of media production through courses in writing, media studies, aesthetics and production. The second year is devoted to the selection of a series of specialized classes in preparation for a senior thesis project and internship.

As the certificate is comprised entirely of courses within MxCC’s Digital Media Production A.S. degree, students may switch to pursue the full degree instead of or in addition to the certificate with no penalties.

Degree Requirements

greenpixel Certificate Requirements

This 30-credit certificate program is intended as a stackable credential for students looking to specialize in interactive multimedia.

When enrolling in this program as a standalone occupational certificate, it is recommended that students entering the program either have an associate’s degree or higher or are enrolled in the Digital Media Production Associate’s degree program to improve employability upon graduation.

The certificate should not be taken by a student who has no experience in design. It is only meant to teach the technical skills not design skills and is not recommended unless the student already has some sort of degree or experience.

A Certificate in Multimedia is broad and can’t cover all of the necessary skills to work in most positions, students should consider transferring to a four-year college or art school, which has specialized programs within Multimedia. The credits from this certificate will transfer into the Multimedia Degree.

Certificate Requirements

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Most graduates holding associate degrees will be seeking entry-level positions, which pay about $25,000 per year, depending on several factors. Pay increases with the employee’s level of education and experience. Often students find employment after graduation through their student internship experiences.

National Average Salaries for the year 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Designer – $54,999

Graphic Artist/Illustrator – $48,780

Multimedia Artists and Animators – $74,999

Web Developer – $74,999

Programmer – $78,840

Sound Technician – $42,550

Video Technician – $59,040

The overall job outlook in this field is favorable, although competition is strong for positions at all levels. For the latest, detailed salary information, visit:

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