Adam Chiara

adamchiaraADAM CHIARA

Adam Chiara is a communications associate at Universal Healthcare Foundation of Connecticut and is also an award-winning multimedia journalist.

Over the years, Adam has worked in many positions in the communication field. As a freelance video journalist, he covered stories for a variety of media outlets in the Hartford area. He also spent time at Yale University’s Rudd Center, where he created educational videos, infographics, and maintained the social media presence for the research center.

Additionally, he worked several years at the Connecticut General Assembly, giving him an extensive background in politics, public policy, and legislative process.

Adam is honored to have won two Mark of Excellence awards from the Society of Professional Journalists and several Excellence in Journalism awards from the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalists. He is also proud to have been a finalist in the 2012 My TV9 Star Contest, where he competed in several on-air challenges to earn a one-year contract as the My TV9 Star personality for WCTX-TV.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from Central Connecticut State University and a master’s degree in journalism from Quinnipiac University.

His personal website is:


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