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Elena Sanchez

Elena Sanchez

Elena is an MxCC graduate, and has been working at MxCC since 2013. First as a student worker, followed by a work-study student, and in 2016, as educational assistant in the Center for New Media specializing in media and graphics. As an EA, Elena provides college students with technological and hands-on assistance with class-related media works, from filmmaking, computer graphics projects, and TV studio projects. She also maintains the Center for New Media’s web page, as well as their social media, and special interest stories.

Elena also works full time as a graphic & web specialist for a local manufacturer. She also volunteers as a videographer for the town of Rocky Hill’s school system.



AST*111, Introduction to Astronomy (4 credits) An introduction to the study of the solar system, the stars, galaxies, nebulae, and newly discovered celestial bodies. Laboratory activities and field trips included. Prerequisites: MAT*137 and eligible for ENG*101. (New course, Fall 2020)
CJS*141, Fingerprinting  (1 credit) This hands-on workshop will expose students to the fundamental skills necessary for documenting, identifying, and developing latent fingerprints.   Students will utilize both chemical and physical visualization techniques to include: fingerprint powders, magnetic powders, SPR, Cyanoacrylate fuming, iodine, crystal, and crystal violet. Prerequisites: None