Monique Simon

msimonMonique Simon

Monique Simon is a graduate of Middlesex Community College where she earned a degree in Broadcast Communications.  Before attending MxCC she studied in Noida, India at the Asian Academy of Film & Television.  It was there that her love for the moving image developed. Her studies at the Asian Academy where one of the most memorable and exciting experiences she has had.

After returning home to the U.S. she worked in corporate video at a mortgage lending broker. From there she moved to government access video. Monique was a Municipal Video Technician for the Town of Groton, CT for five years. It was a great experience where she had the opportunity to film President Obama and George W. Bush.  Monique is currently an EA at MxCC and also the co-owner of Forever and a Day Videography.  She enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures, cooking (especially Indian & Thai food), and spending time with her husband and pets.


AST*111, Introduction to Astronomy (4 credits) An introduction to the study of the solar system, the stars, galaxies, nebulae, and newly discovered celestial bodies. Laboratory activities and field trips included. Prerequisites: MAT*137 and eligible for ENG*101. (New course, Fall 2020)
CJS*141, Fingerprinting  (1 credit) This hands-on workshop will expose students to the fundamental skills necessary for documenting, identifying, and developing latent fingerprints.   Students will utilize both chemical and physical visualization techniques to include: fingerprint powders, magnetic powders, SPR, Cyanoacrylate fuming, iodine, crystal, and crystal violet. Prerequisites: None