Annalise wanted to learn the technical skills to further her path towards her dream of becoming an animator after graduating high school. She decided to check out MxCC since it was affordable, close to home, not too big and “crazy”, as she put it. The Center for New Media at MxCC provided an animation program, as well as other digital art courses that Annalise could learn from, and actually do computer animation and design.  “It’s an opportunity to explore the digital side of art.” Annalise added. Basically, any digital skills or hands-on drawing and art classes that she could add to her tool belt.


Prior to attending MxCC, during her high school senior year, one of Annalise’s dearest and closest friends named Spencer that shared the same passion for art, anime and singing was diagnosed with cancer. At that time Annalise was not sure how she could help him in any way, but once she began attending MxCC, she started to create artwork and would send photos to Spencer to make him feel better. Spencer became Annalise’s biggest fan and he also began to send her images of his own drawings of anime characters from shows they used to watch. She was so touched by that; that Annalise took her large art portfolio to visit Spencer so he could see everything in person. Annalise found herself pushing her artistic abilities to excel and make every art piece better than the last to make Spencer’s day a bit brighter. As Spencer’s health deteriorated, it became harder to text, and on January 11th, 2020 he passed away. Spencer taught Annalise what it meant to inspire someone, and has in turn inspired her to push forward these last few years, and for many years to come. Annalise will never forget Spencer, and will always be thankful.


Annalise learned a lot from her digital art classes. She feels it has made a difference for her in a sense that as she moves on her path towards becoming an animator, she has developed the confidence that is needed, and is capable now that she has the proper foundation to move forward in making her dream a reality.


Presently Annalise is a PTK member, which means that her GPA is at or above a 3.6. She has received a scholarship from the MxCC Foundation as well. Annalise is also the vice president of the Art Club. She plans to graduate from MxCC with an associate degree in Fine Arts. In the Fall of 2020, Annalise plans to attend SCAD’s animation program where she will expand her animation skills further to assist in making her a hirable candidate.

Annalise works at Hair and the Hound pet grooming salon. When she is not at school or work, she enjoys singing, painting, drawing, writing, and going out for a run.

Checkout her artwork collection below: