When Anthony started MxCC, he wanted to learn how to use a variety of camera equipment and computer software programs that he had never used before. He was looking forward to trying out all the different positions in video and TV production. Anthony was excited to start fresh, in a brand-new college, meeting new people for the first time, and getting comfortable in a new atmosphere.


The deciding factors in choosing MxCC among other colleges were fairly simple for Anthony. The affordable tuition was key. But as he continued attending, he came to the conclusion that there were so many amazing reasons. For example, its location, the amazing and helpful staff that will always be there for you, and all of the amazing opportunities they give to their students. Like all of the fun and interesting clubs, the field trips to different places like the Big E, Salem, Comic Con, Broadway and more! All for an affordable price so that students don’t miss out on the fun activities.


In the past two years while attending courses in the Center for New Media, Anthony has learned how to use several different camera equipment – which was one of his major goals. Television Production and Film classes have taught him how to work in a TV studio and film production environment. He has created strong connections with some of the most amazing friends, professors, workers and classmates anyone could ask for. His favorite class thus far has to be Advanced Editing with Dan Nocera, and Digital Cinematography with Michael E. Smith. These two classes helped his creative drive for expressing himself within the class projects he was assigned to create.


Anthony felt that the college life compared to the high school life was so different, “This college has had such a positive impact on my life and feel eager to move forward with my life’s goals. I hope to even get featured on the silver screen…and to be honest, I was scared to move on, but now I’ve realized I had made the best decision of my life…. I would love to thank my amazing group of friends, and professors for making these past two years a blast, and I possibly couldn’t have done it without all of your support and help!” Explains Anthony.


Presently Anthony holds a high GPA and it has stayed consistent with honors for the last three semesters. When he is not in school, Anthony loves to draw, animate, create videos with his group of amazing friends, watches movies and listens to music. He is looking forward to taking Advanced Media Production next semester and plans to return to MxCC to receive another certificate in News and Sports after graduation. He wants to find a career in the field of video production, news production, or graphic design.


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