Christianna Colello

Major factors are what brought Christianna to Middlesex. She was looking to achieve self-fulfillment by doing what she loves, as well as securing permanent employment in the near future.

Christianna chose Middlesex primarily because of the financial aspect. She wanted an economical option to take her general education courses without all the college debt, and the chance to figure out what she wanted to major in by enrolling in different classes. Being at Middlesex has also helped Christianna have a closer connection with her professors. “It feels like they care a lot more about the individual than at larger universities,” she adds.

Although she recently decided to major in Computer Information Technology, Christianna had an eye-opening experience during her Electronic Production class and also plans to earn a certificate in the audio production program offered at the Center for New Media.

“My professor, Aaron Moynihan, has been nothing but helpful, kind, and driven to help me (and my peers) become more confident in our productions. I truly cannot see myself doing work in any other field other than music production. He’s been a huge support for me and my personal projects outside of school as well. I can’t thank him enough for all that he has already taught me, and I can’t wait to keep working and learning from him in the future,” Christianna explains.

Christianna’s journey has not been easy, but with the strength and persistence of her parents, they have provided her with the drive needed to work hard for what she wants in her life.

Two years ago, Christianna’s mother underwent brain surgery to try and reduce the amount of seizures she was experiencing. That time was truly intense for the entire family. They were really worried about her mom’s neurological health. This reality drastically changed Christianna’s work ethic when she got to college. Seeing her mom push herself to recover and get better for herself and her kids, and noting how strong her dad was for her and her sister (even though Christianna knew he was deeply troubled and worried as well), resonated with Christianna. She wanted to push herself to be the best in what she wanted to pursue. She mentions, “Music is a tough career to pursue, but with my mom’s drive, my dad’s strength, and both of their persistence in me, I know I can make it. They have helped make me so much stronger than I was before.”

After graduating from Middlesex, Christianna plans to transfer to Western Connecticut State University for a double major in Audio and Music Production and Cybersecurity.

When Christianna is not attending college, all of her time goes to her personal music and promoting herself as an artist. She is known as Momi and has two singles released on all digital platforms. “Right now, I’m in the middle of making an album and plan to put that out soon as well! I love messing around with sampling, vocal manipulation, acoustic music, and any other form of sound I can get my hands on. My life is dedicated to this craft, and I can only hope I can make a successful living out of it!” she concludes.

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