Emily was aiming to learn more about editing and the business aspect of media. She knew that she wanted a career in the media field, but did not know what specific area she wanted to specialize in. One may say, she was looking for her calling.

What drew Emily to attend MxCC was affordability and its close location. This was an easy choice for her. Emily knew she was here to stay after taking a media class in her second semester. Not to mention that the Center for New Media is a state-of-the-art facility, and the professors actually care about their students’ success.

The class that absolutely changed Emily’s outlook into careers was Careers in Media. In this class, several special speakers came in and discussed details about their jobs. Each speaker had a different story and helpful advice to share with the class. One of the best takeaways Emily has learned has been from Rick Eriksen’s classes. He instills that work takes longer than what the students think it will take. When students think a project will take four hours to finish, to put aside eight hours instead because there is always room for improvement.

In 2015, Emily’s aunt passed away while she was away at college in Indiana. Her aunt was the biggest role model in Emily’s life, and it crushed her. Shortly before her aunt passed away from cancer, she gave an inspiring speech at a Dove convention. Her aunt’s speech was centered around the phrase, “no excuses.” To this day, Emily lives life without excuses. She works hard at making a career out of her passion because she knows that if her aunt was alive today, she would be proud of Emily. This has made a big difference in Emily’s work ethics. She takes her course work seriously, since she has been on the Dean’s list for every semester with a 3.86 GPA.

Presently, Emily works at an Amazon sorting center. She plans after to pursue her dream of being a content creator after she graduates with an associate’s degree in Multimedia Design. She wants to exercise the editing skills she has learned to produce videos and promos for clients and for herself as well.

When she is not in school or work, Emily enjoys many different activities. She has taught herself how to play the guitar and ukulele a few years ago, and playing is one of her favorite hobbies. Emily also streams on Twitch just about every night after work. She gets to engage with people all around the world while playing one of her favorite video games, Player Unknown Battlegrounds. On days that she feels adventurous, she visits hiking trails and beaches around Connecticut to catch glimpses of the beauty that is New England.

Check out her portfolio: https://ballemily.wixsite.com/mxcc