Emily originally came to Middlesex because it was economical and closer to home. But when she took a tour of the campus and saw the TV production studio, she became really excited to start classes right away. She knew this was where she belonged and felt grateful to have found MxCC.

When Emily first came to Middlesex Community College, she fell in love with video production. Everything about the production aspect – from concept design to filming and editing – it all sounded fun and exciting to her. Emily had found her place. After graduating with an associate degree in Multimedia at MxCC, she decided to return and take the Film & Video Certificate as well. Emily really wanted to learn how to become a more experienced and skilled editor and cinematographer. “Living in Connecticut, it is hard to find a job and there is a lot of competition so I strive to be the best of the best!” Explained Emily.

When asked what Emily has learned thus far from taking courses at Middlesex, she stated, “Honestly, the most I learned here was not the lessons, but the passion to learn, work hard, and get better at whatever I choose to be! Professor Rick Eriksen is the best person alive! He may talk a lot in lectures but he is smart and will challenge you in a positive manner to help you produce the best projects you can create.” Emily had Eriksen’s classes a while ago and to this day; she continues to critique her work in the same manner as he would. Rick cares so much about his students, and Emily knows that first hand. She was upset because her twin sister, Abigail was receiving an award for excellence in the media department when her grade was not too far off from hers. But Emily worked extremely hard and Professor Eriksen knew that. Abigail and Emily were joking around about splitting the award in half for each to share. The day of the award ceremony, when Rick was announcing the recipient, he had a separate award with each twin’s name on it. Eriksen had previously cut it in half, glued it back together, just to break it on stage in front of everyone! “I can not stress to you enough how amazing he is.” Stated Emily about Professor Eriksen.

While attending MxCC, Emily has been an honor student with a high GPA and a PTK member. She has also been a member and the co-president of the film club. Presently, she is a student worker at the college library. Once she finishes her certificate, she will be interning with Geomatrix, a video production company in Connecticut during the summer working on a documentary. Emily also recently purchased some camera equipment and is excited to see where that takes her!

When Emily is not in school or work, she spends her free time drawing or playing video games, and also looks forward to relaxing with her family and friends.

Check out her portfolio: https://emilygagliardi.wixsite.com/1234/portfolio