Before Middlesex, Hannah attended Lyman Hall High School in Wallingford. She relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to pursue a degree in Communication at Nova Southeastern University. After a semester, Hannah moved back to Connecticut to pursue a more financially beneficial and concentrated major in film and the business of the industry. She chose MxCC for financial reasons. It made more sense for her to pay a couple of thousand a semester compared to tens of thousands. Hannah also chose MxCC specifically because she was referred to the Center for New Media. She heard about the new state-of-the-art facility, the latest equipment and technology—she had to see it for herself.

She came to Middlesex to receive an education for the career that would prepare her for a bright future. Hannah wanted to be formally educated to learn the latest skills and technology in the film industry. She also wanted to network and reach out to more people who have the same passion for film that she does. The professors at MxCC have incredible knowledge of what they teach, and her classmates are always down for a shoot!

Her professor Rich Lenoce mentioned something that has stuck with Hannah since the first day of her Careers in Media Class: “Being on time to a set is considered late. Early is on time.” This sounds small; however, she has a massive issue with being late to everything. She can apply this to everything in life. Since then, she took the effort to show up early and take initiative. Hannah feels better when she does, leading to earning a high GPA while attending MxCC.

The program and professors have become what she has looked forward to every semester. This spring Hannah will be taking Digital Cinematography, Advanced Editing, Advanced Media, Corporate Media Practicum, and Managerial Communications courses, since her program is Digital Media Production majoring in Corporate Media. She hopes to secure a great internship in the summer that will lead to a job by the fall.

Presently, Hannah works at the District Athletic Club in New Haven. When not at work or school, Hannah loves to study film, analyze movies, and memorize monologues. She loves going to the gym and working out. Cooking has become a great passion for her. You can also catch Hannah singing everywhere she goes!

Check out her links: www.hannahnicholle.com and www.youtube.com/hannahnichollle