After graduating high school Karinne felt she was not in a good place and had no plans for the future. She felt the need to find some fulfillment in her life.


She decided to attend MxCC for its convenient location and after hearing the great reviews from previous students about the Center for New Media and their amazing programs, it was the best choice she had ever made. Karinne is in the Digital Media Program with a concentration in Film & Video Production.


Since Karinne began attending classes, she has now found her true passion, which being in this program has given her that.


Karinne has learned a lot from her classes. “…what you need is the ability to tell a story and the determination to get that story heard”. This is something she understood early on from her teachers, since she is one of our top students with exceptional talented skills in film and video production. She is also looking forward to taking the Motion Graphics class and expand her technical skills.


Presently, she works at a coffee shop in Middletown, and when she is not in school or work, she enjoys writing and cosplay.


After graduation, Karinne plans to transfer to a four-year university in California, close to where the film industry is booming. Recently, her future started looking bright now. She got accepted to one of the many colleges she had applied to last year: California State University in Northridge. She hasn’t committed yet since she is waiting to hear back from another school, but if she did decide to attend, it would be in the Fall of 2020. Karinne will majoring in Cinema and Television Arts with a concentration in Film Production and minoring in Entertainment Media Management.


Portfolio link: https://karinnehart96.wixsite.com/khproductions