Stephanie Finaldi

A major factor to continue education for Stephanie right out of high school was to learn more about how the film industry works and how she could make a living from it. She wanted to improve her editing and writing skills and also get the regular academic classes out of the way.

Stephanie chose Middlesex since it is affordable and has a convenient location. She knew they had a great program to offer the courses she needed at the Center for New Media. She liked how the first week of class they were already filming with the camera equipment right away.

During her first semester, Stephanie learned, “that deadlines are very important and if you don’t make it to that date, you’re done. You won’t get a second chance, and someone will take your spot. You have to work hard to get where you want to be and be the best at it. You have to make yourself known and make connections.” This has had a great impact to prepare Stephanie for her career because she feels she has the potential to be the best, and she knows she just has to work hard for it.

Stephanie earned a 4.0 GPA in Fall 2019 and was a student intern with Professor Dan Nocera at the Center for New Media Corporate department, where she learned more about the aesthetics of film and its industry.

Stephanie graduated with a degree in Digital Media Production with a certificate in Film & Video in 2021. She was eager to find a job at a production studio in Connecticut, NYC or anywhere with an opening. As long as she is able to do what she loves the most, edit videos. If there are no positions available, she may transfer to another college either UNH, CCSU or Full Sail University.

As a former high school athlete, Stephanie loves to play volleyball in her free time which helps take away her stress and lets her be in her own element.