Congratulations to broadcast-cinema student Cody Buffinton, who just landed an internship at Warner Brothers’ “The People’s Court” in Stamford. As you may know, all students in degree programs in the Center for New Media must complete an internship before they graduate. Internships are a great way for students to get real-world experience. But sometimes students don’t know where to start when trying to find an internship. And many students don’t realize the resources they have at MxCC! Read Cody’s story to learn more about the internship process at MxCC.

Cody had an internship lined up for the spring, but it ended up falling through. Armed with an internship list that he got from his professor, he called and visited many places on the list, only to find that they had all filled up. Cody is graduating in May and needed the internship to graduate so the pressure was mounting. With the semester starting in just a few weeks, he called Professor Rich Lenoce for some leads.

Professor Lenoce used his Center for New Media industry contacts to find productions that were beginning to film in CT that needed assistance. Production for “The People’s Court” was gearing up and producers and the director needed on-set assistance. Within an hour, Cody found out that they were looking for interns so he sent over his resume. A half an hour later, they called him back and said the internship was his if he wanted it!

Wasting no time, Cody visited the office at “The People’s Court,” met everyone at the office, and set his hours. Right now, Cody is working two days a week. So far he’s learned how to guests are booked on the show and how to work with the audience. Soon he will work on editing the shows.

All around, this partnership with “The People’s Court” has worked out for everyone. Because of this positive experience, Cody’s supervisor at his internship hopes to hire more interns from MxCC in the future. And now that Cody has secured an internship, he is ready to graduate from MxCC in May.

The internship process can be daunting, but if you look to the resources provided for you at MxCC, you just may land the internship of your dreams. Check in regularly with your professors and visit the Career Development and Counseling Office in Founders room 121 to see if there are any internship opportunities available.