Faculty and Staff

Robed faculty and staff marching in the academic procession should assemble in two rows between Snow and Wheaton Halls by 5:30 p.m. so that Commencement can start at 6 p.m.

The left row will be seated in the left section facing the stage and right row will be seated in the right section.
Student Marshals will lead both faculty and the candidates for graduation by their program. TAP and Program Coordinators will announce their students (be sure to check with the students for the correct pronunciation of their name if you are unsure). David England will read the liberal art students names. Patrick Bryan and Adam Floridia will announce general studies students, and Sara Hanson will announce students receiving certificates. If a student is receiving more than one degree, announce the second degree also when the graduate hands you his/her name card. At the appropriate time in the program, approach the microphone and begin calling your graduates to the stage. Candidates will hand their cards to you so that you may announce their name. Keep graduate name cards in order. Please return the cards to the designated committee member in the area when you leave the platform. Then return to the TAP/Program Coordinator section on the right side of the audience for the remainder of Commencement.

Procession will start with the Grand Marshal followed by the Color Guard, then graduating students, led by two Student Marshals. Faculty, also led by two Student Marshals, will follow. Another two Student Marshals will lead in the platform dignitaries.

Recession order will be Color Guard, platform dignitaries, faculty and staff followed by students. We will continue the tradition of lining the center aisle upon recession allowing the new graduates to pass through. It’s a nice time to recognize them with handshakes, hugs and smiles for their accomplishments.

Steve Krevisky will serve as Grand Marshal. Faculty and staff are expected to wear all appropriate robing including caps during the ceremony and set the appropriate celebratory tone to recognize the students’ accomplishments. Faculty and staff who have rented regalia, please return your regalia in its package to the designated area outside of the Multipurpose Rooms in Chapman Hall.

If you wish to purchase your own regalia in future years, Contact the Bookstore for more information or visit www.oakhalli.com (Oak Hall Industries).