Drought Pledge

]California’s severe drought is caused by many factors, particularly its citizens’ excessive water use, which amounts to approximately 140 gallons of water per capita per day, not including the water hidden in the consumables and goods citizens purchase (NPR, 2015).* It is in light of this disaster that the MxCC Student Environmental Association for Sustainability (SEAS), is asking members of the community to join us in a pledge to become more water conscious and create habits that help to preserve our water resources. This pledge consists of three easy steps:

1.Calculate your water footprint using the following source (recommended by USGS) below:

CSG Network Calculator: http://www.csgnetwork.com/waterusagecalc.html


2.Practice at least one of the water-conservation action steps below for (at least) one month.


3.Talk with two friends, co-workers, or family members about the pledge, and have them get involved.




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