Marketing & Public Relations

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Phone: 860-343-5869
Hours: Monday-Friday 8-5 p.m.
About Us: The Office of Marketing and Public Relations serves as the official coordinating department for all external public relations efforts including media relations, advertising, publications, content on our College Web site, and promotion of special events. The office facilitates communication between Middlesex Community College and its key publics, including students, alumni, and the community at large.

This is accomplished through media relations, paid advertisements, creating and placing web content, social media, and producing publications and videos for students, prospective students, and the people who influence the decisions of students of all ages (parents, spouses, employers, guidance counselors, etc.).

We work closely with almost every office, department, and academic cluster on campus to:

  • develop plans for the promotion of MxCC news, events, or programs;
  • generate ideas for reaching the target audience;
  • gather pertinent and accurate information; and
  • pursue an avenue to communicate the message (through our web site, social media, print ads, publications, events, or media releases)

We view each college office that requests our assistance as a “client.” Our goal is to build partnerships of shared responsibilities and rewards with our clients in order to facilitate timely, positive, and effective college communications. We look forward to working with you.