What to Do ? (Step 1- Getting Started)

Things You MUST Do Before You Start an Online Course

Seven days before a course starts, registered students will see their online courses listed on the My Institution page  in Blackboard Learn System.  Students may be able to view the course site with online orientation, help information, and some course content. Course content may not be visible or updated until the first day of a course.


The most updated information at an online course site will be available on the FIRST day of a course. Unless instructed by your professor, before the first day of a course, please do not complete any assignments or print, download, and save any files from the course site.

Please download a copy of our Quick References package. If you are enrolled in one of the following online classes, please review the special notes next to the course title.  If you are not enrolled in any of the following courses, scroll down to go through a series of steps in preparation of your online course.

Things You MUST Do Before You Start Your Online Class

All registered online students MUST follow the step-by-step instruction below to get ready  before the first day of your online classes.  For your convenience, you can view or download a Printable Checklist to guide you through this process. Students registered LRON (Live/Remote Online Courses) courses also need to visit https://mxcc.edu/distance/lron for more information.

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MS Office 365 Advantage Program for MxCC Students

*MS Office applications are available free of charge for registered students to download. Students who have a valid college email address can download on their personal PCs or Macs up to 5 computers, directly from Office 365.  MS Office 365 ProPlus includes full versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, InfoPath, OneNote, and Publisher in both 32bit and 64bit. More instructions can be found at