How to Register

This page outlines the steps for registering a credit online course, which follows a semester schedule with the same procedure as an on-campus credit class. |
Registering a non-credit online class is on-going at
Registering a career training online program is on-going at

Continuing students

For credit courses,

Readmit students

In-person registration for readmit students to register Summer2019 and Fall2019 online credit courses begins on Monday April 8.  After completing the Readmit Form, readmit students must provide proof of prerequisites as necessary and can register in-person, fax, phone, and mail-in registration.  However, if you took non-credit, high school partnership, or continuing education courses, you must fill out the application for admission.

New students

In-person registration for new students to register Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 online credit courses begins on Monday April 8.

If you are a new student (New students are first-time students who have never taken a credit course in a Fall or Spring semester at MxCC before.), you MUST (1) apply to the college first and (2) come to either Middletown or Meriden campus to register. Before you fill out the admission application form, please check to see if there is an opening seat for the online course you would like to take.  Consult the Admissions Office  if you are unable to travel to MxCC Campus to register an online course and need assistance.

Once you have registered for an online course, please visit the MxCC Distance Learning web site and click What to Do (upper left) for step-by-step instruction on how to get started.