Financial Aid for Online Classes

Financial Aid/Payment of Tuition

Students taking online courses offered at Middlesex Community College can use various methods to ensure proper payment of your tuition. Payment must be made at the time of registration to ensure your place in the course.

Financial Aid

Full-time students matriculated into a degree program at Middlesex Community College are eligible to receive financial aid. Your financial aid award package applies to both on-ground and distance learning classes. You must fill out a FAFSA form to be considered for financial aid.

(1) Full-time students matriculated at another Connecticut Community College can have their home institution apply financial aid to cover an online class at Middlesex. You must contact a financial aid representative at your home institution and they must approve the application of this money to MxCC. The signed and approved form need to be submitted to MxCC Financial Aid office before you register to an online class at MxCC. You may contact financial aid at MxCC (860)343-5741 to monitor the transaction process. It is your responsibility to work with both departments to make sure the funds are disbursed in a timely manner. You will be dropped off an online class if your financial aid approval form is not submitted to MxCC Financial Aid office.

(2) Financial Aid Agreement

If you would like to use the financial aid obtained from your Home institution to an online course offered at another Connecticut community college,  our advice to you is to directly contact your home institution (or the institution where you want to apply your Financial Aid from MxCC) financial aid office and find out exactly what procedure you need to complete in order to disburse your financial aid fund to MxCC (or disburse fund from MxCC to the institution.). Then follow up with the procedure.

For further information about applying for Financial Aid at MxCC, please refer to the college Financial Aid web site.

Payment Plans

All students, full- and part-time, can set up a payment plan through the Business Office (860-343-5729). To do this, the student must be present to develop and sign the contract.

All others

If you do not receive federal financial aid, do not (or cannot) have a payment plan with the Business Office, you must be able to make a payment via credit card or check. If you cannot travel to our campuses and would like a college staff to handle your registration and payment, you can provide payment information to that person who can then make the payment on your behalf once you’re registered. Payment information MUST be provided in order to register an online class.

Check the status of federal Financial Aid

To ensure the Financial Aid procedure is done correctly, click the following links for instructions on how to check your Financial Aid status.

1. Check the Status of Your MxCC Financial Aid Account

2. Check the Status of Federal Financial Aid Application (FAFSA)