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You may need the following applications for your online courses. Click on a link to download an application and install it to your computer.
Downloadable Files
JAVA download based on your computer operating system, Mac or Windows, choose the according JAVA and install.
Necessary component to work with Blackboard tools such as discussions, messages, and tests.

Use JAVA 1.7 version
Mozilla Firefox 24 (PC)

Safari (Mac)
Mozilla Firefox 24 version is the compatible browser for Blackboard. It can be an alternative browser if your primary browser does not function appropriately in Blackboard.
Chrome (PC) Google Chrome on PC is a compatible browser in Blackboard
MS Office File ConverterOpen and view MS Office 2007/2010 files if you use MS Office 2003 or older version on your computer.
MS PowerPoint Viewer
Open and view a MS PowerPoint file if you do not have MS PowerPoint on your computer.
MS Excel Viewer
Open and view a MS Excel file if you do not have MS Excel on your computer.
Adobe Reader Open and view a .pdf file. Some of your online class notes, syllabus, or assignments are in .pdf format.
Flash Player 9 for IE
Flash Player 9 for Firefox
Open and view Flash files (.swf format) that are used in multimedia tutorials. In some online courses, instructions made with audio and video are mostly in .swf format.
PDF Converter
Convert MS Office 2007/2010 files to .pdf files.

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