Trouble Logging On?

Scheduled downtime will be posted at MyCommNet login page or at Blackboard My Institution page.

If you cannot log onto myCommNet at, there are THREE things you can do.

ONE – Verify Your NetID and Password

In many cases, our users have mistyped their NetID or password. Be sure to type your NetID correctly as:

For Students: (Example:

For Faculty: (Example:

If you have never logged on to MyCommNet on a campus computer at any of 12 Connecticut community colleges, you will use your initial password. Keep in mind that your initial password is a combination of first three letters of your birth month, & (Shift+7), and last four digits of your social security number. Remember there is a “&” between your birth month and social security number. The first letter of your birth month needs to be capitalized. You only need to take first three letters of your birth month (capitalized first letter) and last four digit of your SS#. Here is an example, if you are born in April and your last four digits of your SS# is 1234, your initial password is written as Apr&1234.

Other reasons your initial password does not work are listed below:

a. If you do not have a social security number, you need to follow instruction on THREE to have our offices generate an initial password for you.

b. When you first enrolled to a community college in Connecticut years ago, your record in our system was missing either your birth month or SS#, you will need to follow instruction on THREE to “activate” your initial password.

c. In a rare cases, your birth month or SS# are entered incorrectly. You will need to follow the instruction on THREE and have either of listed staff to check and correct your record in our system.

TWO – Reset Password On Your Own – Students Only

If you have logged on to a campus computer or have gone to myCommNet at to register a class, check your grades, you might have changed your password and do not remember it or your password has expired. Your password expires every 90 days.

You can attempt to change your password to a new one at

There are two options – Reset Password via email or Reset Password with Security Q and A.

If this does not work, you will use the  following to have your password reset.

THREE – Reset Password

Stop by the following offices with your Photo ID (student ID or Driver’s license) or call the office to have your password reset within the office hours, Mon-Fri, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

IT Department: Wheaton Hall, Middletown Campus, 860-343-5711 – For Faculty and Students
Distance Learning Office: Chapman Hall 701 – college library, Middletown Campus, 860-343-5756 – For Students Only
Records Office: Founders Hall 153, Middletown Campus, 860-343 – 5727 – For Students Only

Call Technical Support Center at 860-723-0221 at any time. This help center runs 24x7x365 – For Students and Faculty

– Due to FERPA regulations, students should to contact us directly for technical assistance.