Submit an Assignment

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Your professor may ask you to submit a class assignment (e.g research paper, project, etc) using an Assignment dropbox. Depending on your professor, the assignment dropboxes could be placed in an Assignments link on Course Menu or in a Weekly Learning Module or a weekly folder.

In this tutorial, the assignment dropbox for a paper is placed in the Week 3 Learning Module, the third file.

1. Click on Weekly Assignments on the Course Menu. Click on Week 3. The first item in the Learning Module will open. Close this window. Use the next page icon --> to navigate to the third item in the learning module.

2. You see the assignment dropbox with the instruction about the assignment. Under Assignment Material, type a short message.

3. Click on Browse My Computer. Locate your assignment file and double-click on the file. You will see the file listed underneath Attached Files.

4. For submitting multiple files, click on Browse My Computer again and select the files. Use "Do Not Attach" to remove a file mistakenly attached.

5. Before you proceed, check the attached file (or files), making sure all files are attached. Click on Submit. You see your file, submission date, and grading status under Review Submission History. Click on OK to confirm.

6. After you have confirmed your submission, you may not be able to resubmit files. If you are unable to resubmit files, you need to contact your course professor to reset your submission attempt.

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