Conduct Conversations in a Chat room or a Virtual Classroom

In this tutorial, the Collaboration tool can be accessed from the Tools link on the Course Menu.

1. Click on Tools on the Course Menu. Click on Collaboration.

2. Enter a chat room such as the "Office Hour".

3. Type your message in the Compose box at the bottom. When you are ready to send the message, click on Send or hit the Enter key on the keyboard. The message is shown in the chat window.
In Chat room, you can only type text messages.

4. To leave the room, close the chat window. To go back to the Collaboration page with a list of rooms, you can either click on OK at the bottom right corner or go to the Navigation Path, click on Collaboration.

5. To enter a Virtual Classroom, click the room Title such as "Group1Project". You can type your message in the Compose box at the bottom. You may use drawing
tools to draw shapes on the White Board. To clear the board, click on the "Eraser" icon.

6. You can use the Map feature to show your course content. For example, display a page, see a discussion board, or show a file.

7. To switch from the Course Display to the White Board, click on White Board, in the Control tab, click on the Display icon --> at the bottom of the White Board tool window.

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