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Your course may use Learning Modules to organize files and tools. The learning module could be labeled as Course Content, Assignments, or Welcome. In this course, learning modules are placed in Weekly Assignments page and are used to organize weekly assignments.

1. Click on Weekly Assignments. You will see a list of weeks made of Learning Modules. Click on a week, you enter the Table of Contents. The left pane displays the titles of files or tools for you to choose.

2. To access files or tools in this Learning Module, you need to click on a title link in the Left Pane. The right pane shows the details of the link. If a tool opens a new window, you need to minimize the new window in order to see the Table of Contents window of the Learning Module. -- Your professor may set up to display the files or tools in a Learning Module sequentially. This means that you need to click on the title in order starting the first item, then you will see the second item for you to click and review.

3. Another way to access files or tools in a Learning Module is to click on next Item icon --> or previous Item icon <--.

4. You may turn off or turn on the Left Pane by clicking on the minimize/expand icon.

5. You may use Navigation Paths to go back to a previous page or Home Page in a Learning Module. Or you may click on a link in Course Menu to navigate away from the Learning Module.


* If you don't see any files listed in the Learning Module, you may check Mail, Calendar, or Discussions to see if your instructor has posted specific assignments.

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