Educational Technology Training

Summer 2021 Technology Workshop

Dates: June 3, 2021 to August, 2021

Location: via WebEx Virtually online – the access link will be sent to the registered participants on the day before a workshop.

Registration for a technology training workshop is required. Please email your name, email address, phone number, division, date, time and name of training session to An email will be sent to you confirming your registration and the access link will be sent to you on the day before the workshop. Please register at least 24 hours in advance of training to avoid workshop cancellations due to low/no enrollment.

For MxCC priority seating, please make sure to register SEVEN days before the date of the workshop.  SEVEN days prior to the date of the workshop, we will be open the registration to the entire CSCU faculty.

More training sessions offered at other Connecticut community colleges can be found in the CSCU Training Calendar used by all institutions of CT Board of Regents. First time user needs to create an account by entering your name, college email, and phone#.  Then log on to your college email at, verifying your email and creating a password. Login with your college email and the password you created. Click on the “View Event Calendar” icon at the upper left panel. Navigate the training workshops on the calendar. Select the Title of a training session you would like to sign up, click on “View Event”, enter “1” in the Quantity box, fill out the registration form and click on “Add to Cart”. Click on Confirm.

Download the Distance Education Course Design: Guidelines for Student Success (PDF)

Summer 2021 Technology Carnival
Getting Started with MS Teams
Learn the basics of Microsoft Teams which include how to use Teams, Channels, Chat, and Meetings feature as well as Calendar. Topics will include how to create a class team, create meetings, uploading and creating files.
Tuesday, 8/3/2021, 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
Put a Voice to Your PowerPoint Slides
Download the Put a Voice to Your PowerPoint Slides handout PDF
Are you posting a presentation instead of giving it in front of an audience? Adding your voice to a PowerPoint presentation is a simple process. It will turn a presentation from a plain set of slides into a self-contained instructional asset that stands alone and can be used by students to self-teach.
Wednesday, 8/4/2021, 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Getting Started with Blackboard Learn
Prerequisite: No prior experience with any version of Blackboard
Prerequisite 2: Faculty must be able to log into MyCommNet with their NetID and Password.
Prerequisite 3: Faculty must bring a completed syllabus and course files in Microsoft Word .doc or .docx saved on a USB drive to this training session.
This session will cover commonly used tools in Blackboard Learn Course Management System: Announcement, Messages, Discussions, Content Area, Assignments, Files, and links.
Download the Getting Started with Blackboard handout PDF
Tuesday, 8/10/2021, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Using Kaltura to Create and Share Video in Blackboard
Kaltura is a streaming video feature available in Blackboard. It provides instructors with the ability to embed streaming video directly into your Blackboard class. Students can play video from right inside the Blackboard class.
Download the Getting Started with Kaltura handout PDF
Wednesday, 8/11/2021, 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Getting Started with Webex Online Meetings
WebEx video conferencing technology is used for hosting virtual meetings or offering virtual classes. This workshop will show you how to log on to WebEx, WebEx basic interfaces, and how to host an online virtual meeting/class with sharing documents and group breakouts.
Tuesday, 8/17/2021, 10:00 am - 11:00 am, Getting Started with WebEx
Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Essentials for Faculty
Prerequisite: Faculty have attended Getting Started with Blackboard Learn.
This session will show faculty how to deliver live, interactive Collaborate sessions in Blackboard. Participants will learn about the key features and core functions of the Collaborate user interface. They will learn about session roles and how to effectively manage the communication tools, understand audio indicators, manage session and participant interaction, display the whiteboard and PowerPoint content, and record a session.
• Identify key features and core functions of the user interface
• Understand the communication tools
• Utilize the whiteboard and display PowerPoint content
• Use the recording features
• Recognize best practices and use cases
Wednesday, 8/18/2021, 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Blackboard Learn: Grade Center
Prerequisite: Faculty have attended Getting Started with Blackboard Learn.
This workshop focuses on how to create grade columns as well as weighted total or total columns for grade calculation.  An ongoing grade calculation will be explained and practiced.  Bring your course syllabus, so you will have an opportunity to create grade columns based on your grading policy.
Download the Grade Center handout PDF
Blackboard Learn: Tests
Prerequisites: Faculty have attended Getting Started with Blackboard Learn.
This workshop will show you how to create a test in Blackboard from scratch or from a testbank. The steps on how to manage a test and how to obtain test banks from a publisher will also explained.
Download the Online Test handout PDF
Teaching with Infographics
Have you noticed that your students pay more attention when you use visuals in your teaching? Did you know that the brain processes visuals much faster than text? Infographics are extremely powerful tools for teaching. In this workshop, you will learn what infographics are and how to use infographics effectively in teaching. You will also have hands-on opportunities to use free online tools to create basic infographics. 
Online Course Evaluations
This session will provide an overview of how faculty (part-time, adjunct) teaching online courses will be evaluated. In particular, the system wide Guidelines of Online/Hybrid Course Observation will be reviewed including the questions discussed with the faculty prior to the observation and the performance indicators observed upon.
Webinar: SafeAssign in Blackboard
SafeAssign is a plagiarism-prevention feature available in Blackboard. It provides instructors with the ability to detect originality and proper citations in student work.
This webinar is offered by the BOR.
Preregistration is required in order to gain access to webinar. See directions above.
The courses below are offered on an appointment basis.
Please contact MxCC Distance at 860-343-5756 or to schedule.




Transitioning to Microsoft Office 2016
This session will provide current users of the Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications with a general overview and introduction to the new Office interface.
Microsoft Excel 2016
Learn the basics of using this spreadsheet application. Calculations, sorting and simple record-keeping will be addressed. Simple graphs and charts created on the data in the spreadsheet will be learned.
Microsoft Outlook 2016 Basics
Basic features of MS Outlook: folders, email, calendar, contacts, distribution list, tasks, notes, personal folder, Web Outlook, etc.
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016This session will introduce new users to PowerPoint 2010. Learn how to create slide shows and use PowerPoint effectively for teaching and presentations.
The workshop handouts are created by the Distance Learning department at Middlesex Community College. Use of any document without permission is strictly prohibited.