Virtual Training

Computer-based Training

In addition to local and system-wide training classes, a series of just-in-time modules and web-based training is available. These resources cover a variety of applications including Blackboard, various Microsoft Office Suite applications, Camtatia Studio, Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Connecticut Community Colleges EdTech Videos on Youtube

Blackboard Learn On Demand Center

All Blackboard training tutorials and documentations have been organized into an online course, Blackboard Learn Faculty Orientation Course, and all faculty currently teaching are automatically enrolled into this course.

To find the link to this course, follow these steps:

  1. Log into myCommNet at
  2. Click on the Blackboard icon (right panel). You will see My Institution page displayed.
  3. Click on the Blackboard Learn Faculty Orientation Course.When you launch this course, on the home page you will find links to an index of tutorials and documentation, to the downloadable faculty training manual documents, and to many other resources for instructors.

If you do NOT see the link to this course in your My Institution page, please be sure that you have not hidden it in your course list. If you check and it’s not hidden, please email to Tobi Krutt, Technology Tools & Training Manager to grant  you access to the course.

Multimedia Tutorials
Click here to view the Systems Office Support page on various short online courses for assistance with general desktop applications.

Free General Resources
Click here to view various free online training resources including links to Microsoft Office support, training in low-threshold applications, etc.

Transitioning to Microsoft Office 2010

Want to learn more about Microsoft Office 2010?

Visit Microsoft Office 2010 Migration Guides, which gives you an overview how Microsoft Office 2010 is different from 2007 in various applications.