Academic Convivium-VIRTUAL

Please join us for aa virtual partial Academic Convivium featuring 13 oral presentations by MxCC honors students. Please check back soon for specific program information.

The Convivium will take place via Zoom
Meeting ID: 991 0729 4018

You can download Zoom here:

Schedule of Events

Opening remarks

CEO Dr. Steven Minkler

Oral Presentations

Tavish Ernst & Adam Gomez: Assessing Students’ Perceptions of the Negative Effects of Smartphone Use
Cristopher Guzman, Jacob Murphy, & Elizabeth McLean: Perceptions of the Massconsciousness of MxCC Students and its Effect on Academic Performance
Eva Barber, Sylvana Burno, Alyssa Pardo: Student-teacher Perceptions and the Willingness of the Student to Seek Academic Help
John Guillamon: Ressentiment is our Liveliest Sentiment
Christopher Currie: Covered in Concrete
Jack Howell: Neurodiversity: A Shifting Understanding of Disability
Joshua Budney: Human Trafficking in Connecticut
Ailis Frost: The Impact of a Lack of Specialized Educational Services
Jake Hesseltine: Combating Physician Suicide
Alexis MacNeil: Breaking the Cycle of Revolving Door Patients in Psychiatric Facilities
Ayal Rozen: Fear: It’s Good for You
Jessenia Sterling: An Evaluation of Child Protective Services in the United States
Nicholas Zira: Racial Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System

The supporting faculty member for all presenters is Dr. Andrea Levy.

THANK YOU to Rich Lenoce and Todd Levesque for their technical assistance



Apr 24 2020


1:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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