HyFlex Demonstrations – Lab Technology

Learn more about classroom instruction using the HyFlex technology with MxCC faculty.

Even with the challenges of COVID-19 restrictions, there is the drive to provide our students the same, high-quality experience offered prior to the pandemic restrictions. VET 202 (anatomy & physiology II for veterinary technicians) is a hybrid course with asynchronous, recorded lectures and in-person laboratories. With all of the challenges associated with COVID-19 (student quarantines and illnesses, guest presenters unable to attend in-person), the use of technology and the HyFlex model has allowed for the flexibility of both students viewing laboratories/demonstrations from home and guest presenters presenting to the class live from a remote location. This presentation will demonstrate the use of the technology in 210B to show the flexibility of HyFlex.

Link to join: https://ctedu.webex.com/ctedu/j.php?MTID=m5e77b30e267b4fe1ad45d06142409626


Mar 03 2021


3:30 pm
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