Final Exams

Information about Final Exam / Final Class Period Schedule – Spring 2021 (May 11-17)

  • The final exam period does need to be utilized for an activity or assessment, such as an exam, a project, a portfolio….
  • All attempts have been made to ensure there are no conflicts between final class time periods. For LRON classes, some faculty may have scheduled or timed exams.
  • Faculty: If your class time period is not in the attached full schedule, or it needs to be edited/adjusted, please email Landi Hou and Donna Bontatibus.
  • For ground classes, exams are held in the regularly scheduled rooms.
  • For ground/hybrid classes, please note that if the college is quarantined during this time, any ground exam/activity will need to shift to online unless alternative arrangements are made in consultation with PC/DCs and Deans for when the campus reopens.


  • Final assessments (e.g., exams, projects, portfolios) will be determined by the instructor. Due dates for final assessments must be scheduled during Final Exam Week.


  • Developmental English Courses (ENG*096 and *093) – Instructors will notify their students of the exam dates.
  • Lab Sciences –See your instructor for details or the final exam schedule.
  • Manufacturing, OD&D, Radiologic Technology, and Veterinary Technology Programs – Final assessments will be scheduled during Exam Week. See your instructor for details.
  • MAP and 7-week courses – see your instructor for details.

FACULTY FINAL GRADES due by 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 19, 2021

  • Please inform your students that grades are available online at
  • Final Grade Due Dates for MAP classes and 7-week courses are located in the Spring 2021 Academic Calendar