Message From the Chair

Middlesex Community College is OUR community’s college – educating and supporting the development and dreams of our neighbors since 1966. I’m a 1989 graduate of MxCC’s Broadcast Communications program, and my son graduated from MxCC’s New Media program in 2019. So you could say I’m not only a supporter of Middlesex Community College, I’m also a client.

Thank YOU for being supporters of our students at Middlesex Community College! Your support means more than you know. It means a first-generation college student will have a bright future and their children’s future will be even brighter and so on, for generations to come.

You may not know that one of our students, a single mother with a young child, dreams of changing people’s lives by giving them clear eyesight through our Ophthalmic Design & Dispensing program. She maintains a high GPA and is described as highly dedicated, hardworking and responsible. While going to college, working, and raising her daughter, this student makes hats and scarves for a local no-freeze shelter.

You may not know one of our students, who needs financial aid, dreams of working in the creative services department of a news station. He volunteers at the Connecticut Humane Society, helps his disabled father, and volunteers for the Magic Food Bus, MxCC’s Food Pantry, helping fellow students who struggle with food insecurity.

You may not know that another one of our students was in and out of homeless shelters as a young child, and dreams about helping her mom get out of public housing. She told us college was the only way she could help. The only way to improve her family’s financial situation was to further her education. And the only way to do that, was through a scholarship which was given by a generous donor, through the Middlesex Community College Foundation.

You may not know that YOU are making a REAL difference. YOU are changing lives FOREVER. And what a gift that is!

With your continued support, we can keep our community’s college strong and in turn, our community strong, and our neighbors strong.

I invite you to continue to join us in the Foundation’s mission –

To support our college and its students by encouraging and securing charitable contributions to the college through the Foundation, and by managing and directing funds for scholarships, student’s emergency needs, program and faculty development, and instructional technology and equipment, to create a learning environment that fosters student success.

Thank you for helping us remove financial obstacles that inhibit student access to education. Thank you for helping to provide scholarships that not only address the growing need for financial assistance, but that fulfill our student’s dreams of achievement and success. Thank you!


Laura Krueger
Middlesex Community College Foundation