MxCC on the Road

Middlesex Community College is going on the road! Check back for the most up-to-date list of events that MxCC will be attending.

Spring 2019 College Fairs

Date                  Time                                Event/Location
01/08/2019         8:00am-11:00am           CT Community College Fair at Maloney & Platt High Schools
03/05/2019         7:00am-2:00pm             CT Career Development Conference
03/27/2019          6:00pm-7:15pm             Meriden Public Schools College Fair
04/24/2019          10:00am-11:30am         Haddam Killingworth College Fair
04/24/2019          6:00pm-7:30pm            Daniel Hand High School College Fair
005/09/2019        6:00pm-7:30pm             Xavier/Mercy High School College Fair
05/23/2019           8:00am-11:30am           East Hartford High School College & Career Expo

Spring 2019 High School Visits

Date                  Time                                  Event/Location
02/11/2019            9:00am-9:40am               Rocky Hill High School
03/08/2019           1:25pm-2:15pm                H.C. Wilcox Technical High School
03/18/2019            1:30pm-2:30pm               Portland High School
03/21/2019            9:30am-10:00am             The Morgan School
03/25/2019            9:00am-10:00am             Bristol Eastern High School