Executive Council

Minutes and Agendas

The Executive Council consists of management and faculty and staff representatives elected in each Assembly acting in an advisory capacity to the President. Duties include strategic planning, scheduling all governance system meetings, reviewing policy recommendations from the Assemblies, communication with the Assemblies, and evaluation of the overall governance system. The Executive Council may establish committees and task forces as needed to conduct its work.


Chair & Chair-Elect rotate monthly among members
Executive Recorder (ex-officio; Executive Assistant to President)


Corey Martell
Executive Recorder


Strategic Plan, including annual strategic priorities for Assemblies
Annual Calendar of Governance Meetings
Governance Review
Semester Report
Minutes and records of all meetings and decisions

 Reporting Relationships

The Executive Council advises the President of the College
The three Assemblies report to the Executive Council
The Governance Evaluation Committee reports to the Executive Council

Meeting Schedule

Monthly throughout the calendar year on the third Wednesday of every month
(except in September when the meeting will be held on the fourth Wednesday).


President (ex-officio, non-voting)
Executive Assistant to President (ex-officio Executive Recorder; voting)
Dean of Academic Affairs
Dean of Students
Dean of Administrative Services
Director of Human Resources
Associate Dean of Development
Director of Institutional Research
Representatives from Assemblies (Chair & Chair-Elect from each Assembly)
Student Senate Representative


Governance Evaluation Committee