Minutes and Agendas

The Chair (or designee) will work together with the Recorder to develop the agenda for each month’s meeting using the template provided, and communicate the agenda and supporting documents through both email and the governance website no later than one week prior to the date of the meeting to ensure proper preparation of all participants. The agenda must be offered for approval at the start of each meeting at which time changes may be made if needed.

Agenda Template

Minutes Template

A record of reports, discussion, and decisions in the form of minutes is required for all meetings. The Recorder for each governing body (or designee) is responsible for ensuring that minutes are taken during the meeting, forwarded to membership for review within one week of the meeting, and posted to the governance website after approval of the minutes by members the following month. Minutes will be recorded using the Minutes Template provided.

Executive Council                           

Administrative Assembly

Academic Assembly                      

Student Services Assembly

Curriculum Committee

Governance Committee