Grade Conversion

Credit/No Credit Option  (CRT, CR, NCE)

Open until June 8, 2021

Does not apply to Spring 2021 graduates after 5/28/21

As a Connecticut Community College student, you have the option to convert any of the grades you earn in any or all of your courses completed during the Spring 2021 semester to Pass (Credit) / Fail (No Credit) grading so that the courses do not affect your GPA.

This option is highly recommended to students who failed, or received a D or D- as a final grade. If you are graduating, please talk to your advisor before making any changes.

Before you make any changes, please read full instructions with photos at Spring 2021 Grade Conversion and contact your instructor or Academic Advisor.

Check Grades

  1. Log into
  2. Select Banner Self-Service,
  3. Click on the Student Records box,
  4. Select Check Grades/Reg History