Employee Assistance Program

As people, we all experience life’s ups and downs. It is impossible to avoid stress and family challenges in today’s world. Sometimes things happen to us through no fault of our own. Solutions EAP is a good way to get help. The EAP Counselor will help you define the issues, sort things out and develop a plan of action. This is the heart of what EAP does, helping you get in control of the situation so that it is more manageable. In some cases, the EAP will refer you to an ongoing or specialized resource. If so, referrals are usually made within your medical insurance plan to help offset costs. If you believe that you may be experiencing one of life’s down times, please don’t hesitate to contact Solutions for the support that you may need. If you have any questions about the employee assistance services that Solutions offers, please contact the Director of Human Relations for more information.

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