Institutional Review Board Application

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a) the purpose of your study including scientific justification. Include citations as appropriate
b) your research question and hypothesis
c) the study methodology including what activities subjects will be engaged in and how long it will take them
d) the number of subjects you plan to recruit and the anticipated age range, gender, race/ethnicity (if applicable) and/or any other important characteristics of your subjects
e) from where and how the subjects will be recruited
f) the sample size of the study, and the projected number of subjects that will be recruited to achieve that sample size
g) where the study will take place (e.g., classroom, office, other location)
h) Potential risks to subjects. What are the potential risks, if any, (physical, psychological, social, legal, or other) to your subjects? What is the likelihood of these risks occurring, and/or their seriousness? How will you work to minimize them? [PLEASE NOTE: The IRB regards no research involving human subjects as risk-free. You must describe minimal risks for your study (such as discomfort, boredom, fatigue, etc.), or state that the research will involve minimal risk, similar to an activity that you name that participants commonly engage in in every day life.]
i) What are the potential benefits of this study to the subjects and to the community? If there are direct benefits, please describe. If there are no direct benefits, please simply state this. You may note benefits that may be possible from your research, but you cannot promise a result of your study as being a benefit. Remuneration or any incentive or reward for participation is not considered a benefit.
j) Where will data materials be stored (e.g. ‘in a locked file cabinet in the Principal Investigator’s home or office’)?
k) What procedures will be used for obtaining subjects’ informed consent to participate in the research?

1) Plan of research (see above)
2) Consent forms
3) Debriefing scripts
4) Documentation of IRB approval from collaborating institutions
5) Recruitment flyers, emails, scripts, advertisements
6) Survey/interview instruments