Midterm Grades

Midterm Grades are now visible in MyCommNet- Banner Self-Service for 15-week and 12-week courses.

Remember, midterm grades are NOT OFFICIAL grades. They are simply a snapshot of your performance to date.

Midterm Grade Notes:

  • If you did not get a grade from an instructor, please ask them to provide feedback.
  • Each instructor determines the value of each assignment; please check the class syllabus for assignments and grade weights.
  • If you are thinking about a withdrawal from a course, please visit the withdrawal tab for more information.

There is still time to get help and create a plan!

Use the tabs on this page to navigate supports available.

How to Check Your Grades:

  1. Log into https://my.commnet.edu
  2. Select Banner Self-Service,
  3. Click on the Student Records box,
  4. Select Check Grades/Reg History